Best Thoughtful Last Minute Gifts for Under $50 - 2023

Janelle Campbell
Janelle Campbell8 Jul 2023

You’ve added someone new to your Christmas list and realized you need to get them something useful but thoughtful. If they love to cook, plan, or work out, we’ve covered you with a few options. If none of these gifts work for you, consider gifting Mira.

Best Last-Minute Gifts for the Chef

Food is an essential part of the human experience. Whether you're a fan of cooking, watching others cook, or just eating in general, plenty of benefits can come with it. Some can help boost mood and memory while others help with the appearance of your skin

Salt Crock: Best for the Seasoned Chef

The great thing about salt crocks is that this chef can quickly and easily grab a pinch of salt. These pots help keep debris out of your salt and hold a pretty sizable amount of salt, meaning you don't have to refill the container as frequently. If you want to be like Salt Bae, here's your chance!

From where: Macys

Cost: $25

Herb Razor: Best for the Green Lover

From fresh cilantro to top tacos, rosemary for soup, or other herbs, this metal tool can easily strip the stems and begin chopping the greens. This even works for kale, a great leafy veggie to help reduce inflammation.

From where: Uncommon Goods

Cost: $15

Recipe Book: Best for Sharing Recipes and Cooking Tips

Every chef loves learning a new recipe now and then. This recipe book carries 1000 classic and modern recipes ranging from lamb chops to pie pastry. Generally well received, the Williams Sonoma Cooking at Home book has 5 stars across GoodReads and Amazon. This book is unique because it's the 100-year edition.

From where: Williams Sonoma

Cost: $40

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Best Last-Minute Gifts for the Planner

Organization is their best friend, and you know they have your birthday written down with a list of gifts. So what do you get the person who seems to have it all together? More tools to help them keep it together! 

Passion Planner: Best for Planning Your Future

This planner differs from others because it includes steps to create a roadmap to help you reach your end goal. Each month the planner also offers the chance to check in with you by asking you questions about the month. You can also purchase a digital copy of the planner.

From where: Passion Planner

Cost: $50

Set of Pens: Best for Making Your Planner Pretty

Who doesn’t love new pens? That’s right; everyone loves them. This is a cute set of ink pens that will write smoothly, and each color correlates to the ink color. These pens come in a set of 6 with 4-pack options. With these pens, your friend can underline, fill in, and color the pages of their planner.

From where: Talking Out of Turn

Cost: $13

Pen Pouch: Best for Keeping Track of Everything

Your friend already has their planner and a set of pens, and they’re ready to go, right? Not exactly. Gifting your friend a pen pouch will help them keep organized even on the go; no more lost pens in their bag! Easy to see and soft to the touch, they won’t lose those pens again.

From where: The Happy Planner

Cost: $18

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Best Last-Minute Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic

Whether your friend is new to fitness or knowledgeable in the area, you can’t go wrong with these fitness gifts. The possibilities are endless, from a smart jump rope to a fitness tracker. You can even help them stretch to their highest potential.

Smart Jump Rope: Best Workout Bundle

According to some fitness experts, jump roping is the way to go. It allows you to build up your cardio and helps with weight loss if that’s something you’re interested in. Adjustable for different heights, this smart jump rope also counts the skips for you. To help you track your improvements, you can use the handy RENPHO app to set and hit new goals.

From where: Amazon

Cost: $20

Amazon Halo View: Best Affordable Fitness Watch Option

The Amazon Halo View lets you track heart rate, sleep, etc. The watch comes with a free year of the premium Halo membership. After that, the membership will be $3.99 a month. Amazon Halo View is great for someone wanting to start on a path to fitness but wants to do so on a budget. However, we have a guide if you’re interested in other fitness trackers.

From where: Best Buy
Cost: $35

Foam Roller: Best for Stretching

Whether your friend is a pilates expert, weight lifting champ, or a casual gym goer, they all need a foam roller to help stretch afterward! Using a foam roller, they can target the different parts of their body, like legs, arms, and back. Stretching is very beneficial and proven to help decrease the wear and tear caused by working out.


From where: Amazon
Cost: $35

Bottom Line

We hope these gift suggestions help you decide on some presents for those on your list. If not, they can also give you an idea for other gifts throughout the year.

If your friend has all of these already, gifting them a Mira membership is also a great idea. They use it with their health insurance or as a stand-alone option. They’ll save thousands on lab tests, receive up to 80% off prescriptions, and gym membership discounts. Join today and give the gift of health!

Janelle Campbell

Janelle is a Marketing Manager at Mira. She is excited to bring more accessible health care to the underinsured.