6 Most Popular OTC Branded Medications to Treat Spring Allergy

Madeline Hlobik
Madeline Hlobik14 Apr 2024
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From antihistamines to nasal steroids to decongestants, there are various over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medications available that can help relieve multiple allergy-induced symptoms. Allergy medicines each have specific usages, and throughout this article, we detail which is best for specific allergic reactions. After doing thorough research we have deduced that the best overall OTC allergy medication is Zyrtec.

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What are the most popular OTC Brands for Allergy Medicine 

When determining which OTC allergy medicine is best for you, paying attention to what each medication targets and the potential side effects is essential. Typically, antihistamines will best combat symptoms such as itchiness and sneezing; nasal steroids will help with nasal allergies. Decongestants will help you if you are feeling stuffy. 

If a specific medication does not seem to be working for you, consulting with your doctor may be beneficial as they can recommend a particular allergy medication work based on your medical history. 

Below is a list of the best OTC allergy medicines that we have composed and what they should be used for: 

  • Zyrtec: Best Overall OTC Allergy Medicine
  • Claritin: Best OTC Allergy Medicine For Itchiness
  • Sudafed: Best OTC Allergy Medicine for Congestion
  • Visine: Best OTC Allergy Medicine for Eye Redness
  • Allegra: Best Non-Drowsy OTC Allergy Medicine
  • Benadryl: Best Nighttime OTC Allergy Medicine

Average Cost of Each OTC Allergy Medication

Allergy MedicationAverage Cost
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