The Best Gifts For Millennials in 2020

Alyssa Corso
Alyssa Corso14 Aug 2021
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The Best Gifts For Millennials in 2020 

Running out of ideas for this year's presents? Well, here's the thing: 78% of Millennials would rather spend money on an experience or an event over buying something desirable and 72% said they would like to increase their expenditures on experiences in the coming year. 

To make your life easier, we have curated an exclusive list of the 7 hottest gifts for the 2020 Holiday season under $100. And better yet, not only they are affordable, you can get them without ever leaving your couch:

1. Airbnb Gift Card (For the traveler)

Airbnb is the perfect way to travel affordably and conveniently (any place, any time). I‚m sure the millennial in your life has stayed in an Airbnb before and is planning to make use of another one on their next trip (in fact, roughly 60% of all guests who have ever booked on Airbnb are millennials!). 


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