7 Coolest Christmas Gift Ideas for Millennials Under $100

Alyssa Orcuilo23 Dec 2019

Forget Amazon and Visa giftcards, those are so 2018. It is increasingly difficult to impress Millennials in this day of age. 

Running out of ideas for this year's presents?? Well, here‚s the thing: 78% of Millennials would rather spend money on an experience or an event over buying something desirable and 72% said they would like to increase their expenditures on experiences in the coming year. 

To make your life easier, we have curated an exclusive list of the 7 hottest gifts for 2019 Holiday season under $100. And better yet, not only they are affordable, you can get them without ever leaving your couch:

1. Airbnb Gift Card (For the traveler)

Airbnb is the perfect way to travel affordably and conveniently (any place, any time). I‚m sure the millennial in your life has stayed in an Airbnb before and is planning to make use of another one on their next trip (in fact, roughly 60% of all guests who have ever booked on Airbnb are millennials!). 

2. MasterClass Online Series (For the learner)

"The idea that successful people can teach their secrets isn‚t new. Now MasterClass is selling it for $180." Master Class is the newest and hottest online learning platform focusing on leadership skills taught by renowned celebrities and experts like Ana Wintours, Steph Curry, Gordon Ramsay, and Malclm Galdwell. The program transforms your computer screen into a 1-1 classroom with the best of the best.

Right now you can buy 2 passes for only $180 (50% off).

3. ClassPass (For the fitness junky)

Want to join the hottest fitness trends of 2020? With only $50 giftcard (27 credits), you can get access up to 7 classes at multiple facilities within your city. From yoga to barre to boxing to strength trainning, with hundreds of cities and thousands of studios, ClassPass will get you happy and heathy for a strong 2020.

4. Pulsd (For food lover)

Over 300,000 New Yorkers use pulsd every month to discover the very best of their city. With hundreds of exceptional experiences to choose from on any given day, pulsd helps New Yorkers live their city. Give the gift of exploration, give the gift of pulsd. Your pulsd credit can be used towards anything on pulsd. No blackout dates, no exceptions. Once redeemed, the credit never expires so it's always good to go!

5. Broadway Shows (For the music-lover)

For someone who loves music, January is the best season to purchase afforable tickets due to the decline of tourists compared to other months. Right now, there‚s a wonderful variety to choose from- including, Beetlejuice, Hamilton, and The Lion KingYou can get them a ticket today and get it printed at home.

6. Winc (For the grown-up)

This is the original wine subscription box. They source unique, small production wines directly from vineyards and winemakers, and keep the prices quite reasonable, too.

Expect to take a brief palette quiz when you first sign up. Then Winc will suggest the perfect bottles for you. Right now you can get a $15% back when buying a $100 giftcard.

7. Give The Gift of Health (For those you care about, for only $25 üôÇ)

Contrary to common beliefs, Millennials are far from healthy. One in three millennials do not have a primary care physician and are less likely to seek preventative care on a regular basis.

On top of that, many avoid getting essential check-ups like STI tests or filling birth control prescriptions because such claims may show up under the family plan. All of which can lead to very serious diseases down the road and expensive medical bills.

üëâ Help your Millennial loved ones start off 2020 stronger than ever. Mira is an affordable and smarter way to get same-day physical check-ups, testings, and urgent care, all for only $25 a month (privacy-guaranteed, no insurance necessary!) You can take a look at what conditions are covered and clinics near you. Sign up now!

U.S. healthcare is expensive and opaque. Mira is changing that!

Mira is a new option for you to get essential healthcare for $45/mo. Urgent care. Free COVID test. STD test. Blood work. Prescriptions. Gym membership discounts.