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7 Common Causes of Skin Rash According to Clinical Research

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team29 Nov 2023
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Facing a skin rash can be an uncomfortable, often alarming experience. Rashes present in varied forms like redness, bumps, welts or blisters and different causes trigger each type. Coming to terms with the most common causes of skin rashes can be the first step towards understanding and managing them better.

Apart from some well-known triggers like allergens or certain medications, a few lesser-known triggers also contribute to the occurrence of skin rashes. These include insect bites, Rubella, and Measles. Understanding these causes can facilitate early intervention and management.

4 Types of Skin Rashes

Infectious Skin Rashes 

Infectious rashes are typically caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Examples include Cellulitis, Ringworm, or Impetigo. These rashes may present with sores, blisters, or pustules and are often associated with fever and generalized sickness.

Allergic Reaction Rashes

Allergic rashes occur when the body reacts to allergens like food, drugs, insect stings, or contact allergens like poison ivy. These rashes often present as hives, swelling, itching, and redness in the affected areas.

Autoimmune Rashes 

Autoimmune rashes are a result of the immune system erroneously attacking healthy cells, leading to inflammation and skin changes. Lupus and Psoriasis are examples of skin conditions triggered by autoimmune responses. These often result in rashes that are itchy, painful, and cause skin thickening or discoloration.

Heat and Sweating Rashes

Heat and sweat can cause two types of rashes: Heat Rash or Miliaria and Sweat Rash or Intertrigo. These are often characterized by tiny, itchy bumps, and red or raw-looking areas typically in body folds and on skin that rubs together.

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