5 Best Pharmacies in Williamsburg, NYC - 2022

Girisha Bharadwaj
Girisha Bharadwaj23 Aug 2022

The Williamsburg neighborhood in New York City’s Brooklyn borough is home to great pharmacy stores. Even though Williamsburg has major pharmacy chains like Duane Reade, CVS, and Walgreens, some of its best pharmacies are local, family-owned, and affordable “mom & pop” businesses. 

Best Pharmacies in Williamsburg, NYC

There is a lot that goes into consideration when deciding on a pharmacy that works best for you. Most customers look for a conveniently located pharmacy located in their neighborhood that offers them affordable prices, has excellent customer service, and has delivery services, especially for those with disabilities or accessibility issues. 

When surveyed about their pharmacy preferences by the National Community Pharmacists Association, 85 percent of the survey participants responded that they want their prescription drugs from a local pharmacy store instead of a mail-order service. Of those, 36 percent shared that their one-on-one interaction with the pharmacist was their reason. Another 32 percent said they can ask questions and seek last-minute counsel from their pharmacists when they go to the store. 

Based on the above and our research, the following pharmacies are considered preferred locations amongst their customers. Keep reading to find out details about each store, the various services they offer, and more.

Best Pharmacy Ratings in Williamsburg, NYC 





Central Pharmacy 4.9 (210 reviews)4.0 (10 reviews)5.0 (554 reviews)
Medly Pharmacy 4.6 (855 reviews)3.0 (45 reviews)4.5 (896 reviews)
Northside Pharmacy4.8 (48 reviews)5.0 (96 reviews)4.9 (79 reviews)
Welcare Pharmacy 4.7 (92 reviews)4.0 (5 reviews)4.5 (95 reviews)
Saldo Drugs4.6 (46 reviews)4.5 (46 reviews)n/a
 All ratings reported on a scale of 0.0 to 5.0.

Central Pharmacy: People’s Pharmacy

They are known for

  • Delivery services
  • Best price prescriptions
  • Fast communication
  • Professional staff

Located right across the street from Marsha P. Johnson State Park, Central Pharmacy is the neighborhood’s favorite pharmacy with their prompt service and typically 24-hour deliveries. They serve customers from all over New York City and New Jersey. The store carries a variety of prescription medications, accepts all insurance plans, and offers an efficient prescription filling service. To request a refill, all you need to do is call the pharmacy and be greeted with excellent customer service, or just go online to fill out a Refill Form and expect your medication to be delivered to your doorstep. 

The pharmacy also offers a texting service, where you can text a representative to get help with your prescriptions or other questions. Additionally, customers repeatedly praise Central Pharmacy’s dedication to providing financial and insurance assistance. Their prices are often comparable to retail pharmacy prices (such as CVS and Duane Reade). 

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Medly Pharmacy: Best Digital Pharmacy

They are known for 

  • Prescription delivery
  • Reminder calls
  • Friendly staff
  • Insurance assistance

Medly is a full-service digital pharmacy with multiple locations across the U.S. They offer same-day prescription delivery services and virtual consultations with a pharmacist. This convenience pharmacy offers its services through its mobile app, by phone, or text request. You can even track your order right up until it is delivered to your doorstep. 

Medly customers have access to virtual pharmacist support 7 days a week, available in more than 12 languages upon special request. They also notify their customers of co-pay coupons, manufacturer discounts, and other avenues of financial support when necessary. Based on Medly’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), their patients are four times more loyal to them as compared to other pharmacy chains. 

Customers love Medly for its remarkable customer service, efficient and straightforward user interface, and accurate delivery time estimates. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, many customers found Medly’s services valuable and time-saving. 

Northside Pharmacy: Best Local Store

They are known for

  • Product variety
  • Affordable prices
  • Knowledgeable pharmacists
  • Personable staff

Northside Pharmacy has been proudly serving the Williamsburg area for over a century. They were originally established in 1910 at the Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street intersection before they moved to their current location on Driggs Avenue. The pharmacy is unique in its boutique-style atmosphere, personalized customer service, and refined product lines. 

Their customers enjoy their welcoming dog-friendly “mom & pop” environment, and staff who remember your name! The pharmacy thrives on its old-school apothecary traditions extensive product selection, and unbeatable prices. While the pharmacy does not offer delivery services, they do provide an online prescription refill form to its customers for a more convenient experience. 

Welcare Pharmacy: Best Surgical and Medical Supplies

They are known for

  • Elaborate inventory
  • Medical supplies
  • Over-the-count (OTC) card accepted
  • Equipment rentals

Welcare Pharmacy is your one-stop shop for all your home healthcare needs, including wheelchairs, bed accessories, sleep apnea machines, joint braces, and so much more. Apart from their extensive product inventory, they also offer education and counseling services to patients recovering from surgeries. Additionally, Welcare customers enjoy free pick-up, and delivery services anywhere in New York City (including emergency deliveries), private pharmacist consultations, and year-round vaccinations. 

Their customers often praise the staff for being helpful and knowledgeable. Navigating through the various types of medical equipment can be overwhelming, but you can trust the pharmacy employees to find you a product best suited for your needs. 

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Saldo Drugs: Best Family-Owned Neighborhood Pharmacy

They are known for

  • Prompt service
  • Family atmosphere
  • Helpful staff

Ranking highest in customer satisfaction for 10 out of the last 12 years, Saldo wins the game when it comes to finding a trusted neighborhood pharmacy. This is a pharmacy that not only delivers your prescriptions to your doorstep but also greets you by your first name and knows your family. Their customers appreciate the quick service, courteous staff, and family-friendly atmosphere. 

You will often find customers chatting up with the pharmacy employees, as they drop by to pick up medication. With excellent customer service and dedicated staff, Saldo is a locally loved neighborhood pharmacy. 

Bottom Line

While this is not an exhaustive list of pharmacies in Williamsburg, NYC, the pharmacies listed above are among some of the most well-reviewed and customer-preferred locations in the neighborhood. Based on your personal preferences and needs, this list might help you find a pharmacy that works best for you. 

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