Why Should I Offer Healthcare Benefits as an Employer?

Kendra Bean
Kendra Bean23 Aug 2022
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Employer-sponsored health coverage is essential for recruiting and retaining a company’s employees. An excellent benefits package that includes health coverage is extremely important for employee retention because it shows employees that their work is invested in their overall health and future. Additionally, a great benefits package means reduced healthcare costs for the workplace and can attract talent. 

A great way to retain talent, increase productivity, and boost loyalty to your business is by providing health benefits for your employees. With Mira, you can offer preventative, primary and urgent care in addition to behavioral health coverage for an affordable price. Healthy employees mean fewer days off due to illness and happier employees in the office! Try Mira today!

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Kendra Bean

Kendra Bean is from Maui, Hawaiʻi. She is currently enrolled at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, specializing in Epidemiology. She is passionate about improving health literacy and access to care, specifically in rural areas.

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