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Where & How To Get A Rapid COVID Test in San Francisco?

Alyssa Orcuilo23 Dec 2020

Quick Digest:

  • As of December 23rd, there have been 21,168 cases of COVID in San Fransisco with an average of 283 new cases per day
  • Rapid and PCR tests are offered at clinics such as CityHealth Urgent Care, Carbon Health, and Dignity Health 
  • Based on our research, most rapid tests will cost between $0 - $125 without insurance   

New COVID Cases - San Fransisco DOH

San Fransisco COVID Situation Update 

Due to a recent surge of COVID cases in San Fransisco, the Department of Health is restricting certain activities. Some of the new restrictions include: 

  • Total capacity for indoor locations is limited to 20% and capacity for standalone grocery stores is 35%
  • Indoor dining is suspended until further notice 
  • If traveling to San Fransisco from outside the Bay Area, there is a mandatory 10 day quarantine upon arrival 

Should I Get a Rapid or PCR Test? 

Rapid and PCR tests are both used to diagnose active infections of COVID-19. In general, PCR tests are more accurate than rapid tests. However, it can take up to a week to get results from a PCR test while you can get results from a rapid test within one hour. 

If you can wait around a week to get test results, you should get a PCR test. But if you need to get results immediately in order to return to work, a rapid test may be best for you. Your provider may want to confirm a negative rapid test result by doing a PCR test as well. 

Rapid COVID testing is available in San Fransisco at these locations

There are several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area that are conducting COVID-19 testing. Rapid (antigen) tests are typically done through a saliva sample and can yield results in less than one hour. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of tests, but we included the out-of-pocket cost for COVID-19 rapid tests without insurance. 

Testing SiteRapid Test CostSite Information 
CityHealth Urgent CareFree with a valid U.S. form of identification300 Jessie E, San Francisco, CA, 94103
(510) 984-2489
Dignity Health - Go Health Must inquire3900 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611
(415) 432-7899
Downtown Medical Group $100450 Sutter St #1723, San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 362-7177
Stat Med Urgent Care$125Locations in Concord, Lafayette, and Livermore
(844) 782-8633

PCR COVID testing is available in San Fransisco at these locations

PCR tests for COVID-19 can either be done through a saliva sample or nasal swab and results are typically available in a few days. COVID-19 testing is free for residents of San Fransisco who present with symptoms and for essential workers if tested at a CityTestSF location. You can reserve a time for a test at one of these locations using the following link. 

Testing SitePCR Test CostSite Information 
City Bay Urgent Care$100 for evaluation and test collection + additional cost for the actual test 2131 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 233-8388
Carbon Health $170See website for locations 
Kaiser PermanenteFree for members Make account to get location 
San Fransisco Urgent CareMust inquire 55 2nd StreetGround FloorSan Francisco, CA, 94105 
(415) 600-6990
Valencia Regional Lab - City Of San FranciscoFree 1800 Oakdale Ave San Francisco, CA, 94124
Stanford Health Testing Must inquire See website for locations 

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