Benefits To Offer Part-Time Employees

Gavin Oxley
Gavin Oxley8 Feb 2022
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Offering benefits to part-time employees is typically considered to be too expensive because of traditional health insurance. However, there are many benefits you can offer your part-time employees that are different and less expensive than that. Although employers are not obligated to offer benefits in addition to standard pay, it can set your business apart from the competition during an aggressive hiring market. 

Mira offers a care membership for as little as $25 per month per employee, which includes discounts to virtual primary care, telebehavioral health, urgent care, and up to 80 percent off of prescriptions. Helping your employees get access to basic healthcare can be the difference you need to hire quality talent. Take this quiz to see if Mira is right for your business! 

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Gavin Oxley

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