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Mira Named Among Accenture Health's Top 11 Innovation Finalists

Alyssa Corso
Alyssa Corso14 Aug 2021

Houston, TX - February 6th - 11 top healthcare start ups presented in front of 40 top leaders from Aetna, Anthem, BCCS, GuideWell, Mayo Clinic, Hackensack Meridian, and Accenture at the Texas Medical Center and JLabs

Mira outlined a vision for bringing affordable copay - a feature that has historicallty available to the 10%, those with top-tier insurance - to the 90% of Americans who struggle choosing between healthcare and putting food on the table.

By partnering with urgent care and primary care clinics to transform payment from a pay-per-touch (fee-for-service) model to a value-based capitated system, Mira reduces up to 20-30% of administrative overhead for providers and makes healthcare pricing predictable and affordable to the millions of Americans who are without insurance or have a high deductible plan.

For only $25 a month, Mira's members get affordable copays at a vast network of clinics, without insurance. Mira's platform enables patients to find, book, and pay for same-hour/day visit in less than 30 seconds.

By doing so, patients are incentivized to get care early and at a price point they can afford, for conditions that they typically go to the emergency room for.

"We are at the highest point of an economic up-swing with the lowest employment rate, yet there are still 30M Americans without insurance and another 56M who are under-insured. While it is unclear when the next economic downturn will happen, it will for sure exagerate this problem beyond what the current system can handle." - Khang Vuong, Mira's Founder & CEO

Accenture, one of the top consultancies in the world, is at the cutting edge of technology and innovation - helping the largest healthcare payors and providers navigate the future and stay ahead.

"The value the Accenture Health Innovation Challenge created for companies is better than getting funded. Not only we were put in front of the highest decision makers of top healthcare organizations, we got to work with very senior partners at the firm who helped us generate unique insights that put us way ahead of other companies in the same space. It's like having $100B of purchasing power in the room and being coached how to tap into that market" - Khang T. Vuong, Founder & CEO

The finalists were selected by a panel of leading executives from some of the world‚s largest health companies during regional events held recently at Accenture‚s Innovation Hubs in Boston and San Francisco. The finalists are:

  • Capital Rx. New York City-based Capital Rx is a pharmacy benefit manager redefining prescription drug pricing for employers, unions and government entities. Capital Rx‚s Clearinghouse ModelSM connects pharmacies and employers to establish a marketplace for drug pricing to reduce costs and create a better experience for both plan sponsors and patients.
  • Carrot Health. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Carrot Health provides consumer data analytics to highlight SDoH, engage healthcare consumers, close gaps in care, and optimize performance for payer and provider systems. Its MarketView platform leverages a consumer database ‚Äî which includes social, economic, behavioral and environmental information ‚Äî and predictive modeling to deliver a 360-degree view of individual patients/members.
  • Cleo. Based in San Francisco, Cleo combines technology with human assistance to provide a support system that fills gaps within the healthcare system to help guide families through the journey of parenthood.
  • DynamiCare Health. DynamiCare Health‚s digital coaching program uses evidence-based methodology to monitor and motivate people struggling with drug, opioid, alcohol and tobacco/nicotine use. Based in Boston, DynamiCare provides a comprehensive suite of services ‚Äî tailored to the individual and accessible anytime, anywhere ‚Äî that address the underlying factors of use and retrains the brain, breaking the cycle of addiction.
  • InsightRX. San Francisco-based InsightRX helps hospitals and health systems transition from one-size-fits-all drug dosing to individualized dosing based on patients‚ unique pharmacology. With an end-to-end precision dosing solution, InsightRX provides tools to predict and optimize dosing regimens, reach and maintain clinical targets, measure performance, and monitor clinical outcomes.
  • Lantum. A company that has had success in the UK‚s National Health Service and now doing business in North America, Lantum provides a workforce management platform for healthcare and helps hospitals and hospital systems reduce overtime spend, improve staff utilization and retention.
  • Mira. Washington, D.C.-based Mira is building the next-generation health delivery network starting with preventative and urgent care. The company teams with urgent care and primary care clinics to bring affordable prices to its members, who typically can‚t afford health insurance and don‚t qualify for state-based Medicaid programs.
  • Orderly Health. Denver-based Orderly Health uses machine learning to identify and repair inaccuracies in healthcare provider directories, providing up-to-date information to inform healthcare decisions.
  • Paloma Health. Based in New York City, Paloma Health is an online medical practice helping hypothyroid patients better manage and treat their chronic condition. Paloma offers the over 25 million Americans diagnosed with hypothyroidism access to thyroid testing, specialized treatment, and ongoing management.
  • TCARE. St. Louis-based TCARE is an evidence-based family caregiver support program that reduces long-term care claims for Medicaid and Life/LTC insurance carriers by delaying and preventing nursing home placement.
  • Xealth. Based in Seattle, Xealth scales digital health programs, enabling clinicians to integrate, prescribe and monitor digital health tools for patients from their electronic health record workflows.



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Alyssa Corso

Alyssa is a Senior Marketing Associate & Content Writer at Mira. She is passionate about educating others on how to affordably access healthcare.