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Mira Announces Partnership with CareNow Urgent Care in Texas

Jeff White07 Jul 2021

Mira Announces New Urgent Care Option for Members with CareNow Urgent Care

Houston, TX, June 21, 2021 -- CareNow and Mira have established a partnership that will enable Mira members to access high-quality, convenient, and affordable healthcare at CareNow’s 18 locations across Houston and surrounding communities.

Through Mira’s membership model, all members receive access to services, such as urgent care visits, lab tests, and prescriptions, and Mira’s signature care navigation.  

“Mira is built as an affordable healthcare option for people in the new economy from gig workers to freelancers, creating a platform for everybody to get essential healthcare without breaking the bank. Now, through our partnership with CareNow, our membership base will have access to convenient, affordable urgent care where they are and when they need it,” says Khang T. Vuong, Mira’s Founder & CEO.

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Mira members will be able to find and receive care at a CareNow clinic closest to them and select a timeframe for their visit all from the convenience of the Mira app.  Mira offers affordable pricing for all visits with a simple, up-front member copay.

Mira was previously available in over 35 states including Texas with an extensive network of urgent and immediate care centers, lab sites, and pharmacies. This partnership further enables the company’s mission to expand affordable access to care within each community where more and more people are joining the new economy workforce.

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About CareNow Urgent Care

Founded in 1993 in Dallas-Fort Worth, CareNow® has grown to become one of the largest urgent care networks in the country. CareNow® is the national brand for urgent care services across HCA Healthcare. CareNow® clinics are open seven days a week with extended evening hours and convenient Web Check-In®. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Mira

Mira builds the next-generation health delivery network, helping 86 million uninsured and underinsured Americans get affordable healthcare, regardless of insurance status. Mira is currently providing access to urgent care centers, lab tests, and prescription services in 35 states.