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Is Eden Health Weight Loss Legit? Comprehensive Reviews

Brianne Smith, DNP, PhD
Brianne Smith, DNP, PhD9 Jun 2024
Reviewed and Fact Checked ✔️

TryEden (Eden Health) seems to be a more slightly affordable alternative to Ro's Body Program in two ways. First, Eden offers very similar medication options to Ro. Two, Eden's pricing for compounded versions is comparable or a little cheaper compared to Ro. 

The biggest highlight of Eden is that its medication pricing stays the same regardless of your dose. It is unclear, however, what's the maximum dose allowable by Eden. 

User Satisfaction4/5
On-going Support3.5/5
Total Score3.7/5

How Much Are GLP-1 Medications with Eden?

Eden Health's pricing model is all-inclusive, covering the full cost of the prescribed medication, whether compounded or FDA-approved. It includes an initial medical consultation and ongoing assessments by board-certified physicians who tailor and adjust the treatment plan as needed. Expedited shipping is provided at no additional cost, ensuring timely delivery of the medication and necessary supplies. 

Patients receive regular check-ins and support from a dedicated care team to monitor progress and manage any side effects. The price also covers any required dosage adjustments without extra charges, and patients have access to a customer service team for assistance with any issues related to the medication or treatment plan.

MedicationCost (Monthly)
Compounded Semaglutide$296
Compounded Tirzepatide$396
Oral Semaglutide GLP-1$246

Is The Price Consistent Regardless of The Dose?

According to a Reddit post, Eden's pricing stays consistent regardless of the dose. It is unclear, however, what's the maximum dose allowable in Eden's program. Tirzepatide 12-15mg tends to be $500+ per month even at wholesales with compound pharmacies. 

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Brianne Smith, DNP, PhD

Brianne Smith, DNP, PhD, is a public health researcher with a focus on improving patient outcomes through evidence-based practices and clinical research. She holds dual doctorates in Nursing Practice and Healthcare Research, and specializes in advanced patient care management and educational advocacy.

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