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How Much is Aripiprazole Without Insurance?

Alexandra Thompson
Alexandra Thompson23 Aug 2022
How much does Aripiprazole cost without insurance?
Factors that Influence Aripiprazole Cost   
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Aripiprazole or Abilify (brand name) is an antipsychotic drug that is commonly prescribed to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, manic depression, and some symptoms of Tourettes and autism. Generic Aripiprazole is covered by most medicare and insurance plans; however, without insurance, the out-of-pocket cost can range from about $12.25 to $900, depending on quantity and dosage.    

How much does Aripiprazole cost without insurance?

There are several factors that influence the price of Aripiprazole: dosage, tablet count, method of administration (how you take the medication), and the generic vs. brand name version. Additionally, the price of a prescription can vary based on the pharmacy since Aripiprazole cannot be obtained over the counter.  

Below is the average cost for thirty tablets of 5mg generic Aripiprazole from different pharmacies nationwide. Although prices are subject to differ based on where you live, the cheapest options were found at Walmart for $7.26 and Wegmans for $14.14. 

Cost of Generic Aripiprazole at Major Pharmacies  

Pharmacy Cost (5mg, 30 tablets) 
CVS $199.98 
Rite Aid $28.50 
Walmart $7.26 
Walgreens $244.28
Wegmans $14.14 
Duane Reade $244.28 
Target $199.88
Kroger Pharmacy$798.00 

Source: GoodRX 


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