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How much does Lisinopril cost without insurance?

Shandra Ahsan
Shandra Ahsan3 Dec 2022

Without insurance, the average cost of lisinopril ranges from $15 to $60. Lisinopril treats high blood pressure and improves survival after a heart attack. Factors like where you get your prescription filled, what dose you are prescribed, and whether you are taking the brand or generic version of the drug influence the cost of lisinopril.

Cost of Lisinopril Without Insurance

Lisinopril is a prescription medication that belongs to a class of drugs called ACE inhibitors. These drugs work by relaxing blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily. 

There are brand-name versions of lisinopril, but the generic version is more cost-effective. Generic and brand-name drugs have the same active ingredients and efficacy, but generic versions are often much cheaper. The cost of an average dose of generic lisinopril can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

Cost of Lisinopril Without Insurance at Major Pharmacies 

PharmacyCost without Insurance (20mg, 30 capsules)
Rite Aid$36

Source: GoodRx

Factors that Affect the Cost of Lisinopril 

The range of prices of lisinopril can be attributed to various factors. These include brand name vs. generic and the dosage prescribed.

Brand-Name vs. Generic 

Generic versions of prescription drugs can be up to 80 percent less than their brand-name counterparts. Lisinopril has two popular brand names: Prinivil and Zestril. These brand-name drugs have the same active ingredients and efficacy as lisinopril. Still, they may differ in inactive ingredients and appearance. The most significant difference between these drugs is their retail prices at different pharmacies.

Cost Comparison of Brand-Name Prinivil and Zestril vs. Generic Lisinopril

PharmacyLisinopril (20mg, 30 capsules)Prinivil (20mg, 30 capsules)Zestril (20mg, 30 capsules)
Rite Aid$36$59.55$409.77

Source: GoodRx

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Treatment Plan 

Depending on your needs, your physician may prescribe a higher or lower dose than the average 20mg. The price of your prescription may vary based on dosage; however, lisinopril prices do not vary drastically across dosages. 

Cost Comparison of Different Lisinopril Doses for 30 Capsules

Pharmacy2.5mg5mg10mg20mg 30mg40mg
Rite Aid$24$26$34$36$39$40

Source: GoodRx

Low-Cost Options Without Insurance 

Roughly 1 in 4 Americans struggle to afford their prescriptions. Outside of insurance, there are several other ways to save money. 

Prescription Assistance Programs 

Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) provide free or low-cost prescription drugs to uninsured people that meet specific income guidelines. Go to to locate PAPs in your resident state. 

Use Coupons and Sign Up for Drugstore Rewards Programs 

As a Mira member, you can claim discounts of up to 80 percent for over 1000 prescriptions at preferred pharmacies near you. After creating your Mira account, go to your member portal, and click “Rx discounts.” Enter the name, dosage, and quantity of lisinopril prescribed to you and choose your location. The website will provide you with pharmacies near you that are carrying your prescription. Click on “Get Coupon” and get discounts on your medication. 

Additionally, large chain drug stores like Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens offer rewards programs. Signing up for these reward programs is free, and you can accumulate points to redeem for health and wellness product discounts. These programs vary, so it is best to check to see what options are available. 

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Lisinopril Cost Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have additional questions about lisinopril. Below are so frequently asked questions about the drug and its costs. 

Are generic and brand-name drugs equally safe?

Yes! The FDA regulates generic and brand-name drugs in the same manner before being put on the market.

Are there risks to taking lisinopril?

Like any medication, lisinopril comes with its own set of side effects. Common side effects include headache, vomiting, diarrhea, mild skin rash, blurred vision, and a dry, tickly cough that does not get better. Rarely do patients experience more severe side effects. However, call a doctor or 911 if the whites of your eyes or skin turn yellow if you have any sign of internal bleeding, severe stomach pain, or swollen ankles. 

Are there other alternatives for high blood pressure medication?

Lisinopril belongs to a class of drugs called ACE inhibitors, which relax blood vessels to allow blood to flow more easily. ARB blockers prevent further blood vessel constriction. These drugs are equally effective at treating high blood pressure. Some common ARB blockers olmesartan and telmisartan. 

Bottom Line

The cost of lisinopril varies due to many factors like the dosage prescribed, whether the medication is generic or brand-name, and where you fill your prescription. However, there are many ways to reduce prescription drug costs, such as enrollment in a PAP or coupons for prescription drugs. 

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Shandra Ahsan

Shandra is a junior at Yale University, where she is studying biomedical engineering. Before joining Mira, Shandra wrote in the science and technology column of a local newspaper. Additionally, she has experience writing healthcare policy, covering topics such as the American Rescue Plan Act, abortion rights, and expansion of Medicare eligibility.