How Much Does Ella Cost Without Insurance?

Alexandra Thompson
Alexandra Thompson23 Aug 2022
What is Ella?
Cost Comparison Amongst Common Pharmacies     
Comparing Ella and Plan B
Where to Get an Ella Prescription
Ella and Emergency Contraceptive Frequently Asked Questions FAQs. 
Bottom Line  

Ella is a form of emergency contraception or morning-after pill that can prevent pregnancy up to five days after sex. Compared to other emergency contraception like Plan B, Ella is more effective and about $40 without insurance coverage. However, Ella is only available with a prescription from your doctor or health clinic provider. 

What is Ella?

Ella or ulipristal is a type of emergency contraception used to prevent pregnancy. Ella can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex and lowers your chances of getting pregnant by 85 percent when taken correctly. Ella is one of the most effective emergency contraceptives on the market; however, it typically works better for individuals who weigh between 165 and 195 pounds. if you are under or above the weight range, Ella may not be as effective.  

Like other emergency contraceptives, the sooner you take Ella, the better. The package includes one pill to be taken orally but comes with instructions for more information about the pill. Once taken, the emergency contraceptive binds to the body’s progesterone receptors and blocks the hormone effects on the ovaries by delaying ovulation. Progesterone is the hormone that prepares the body for pregnancy if a released egg is fertilized. 

Cost Comparison Amongst Common Pharmacies     

The 1 30mg tablet dose of Ella costs an average of $47 but can vary depending on the pharmacy, coupons, and rebates that can be applied to the prescription. Under the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare, insurance plans should cover the full cost of FDA-approved emergency contraception. Therefore, if you have Medicaid, you may get Ella at no additional cost. However, you will be responsible for paying the full amount without insurance. 

Below is a cost comparison on the 1, 30mg tablet of Ella at different popular pharmacies without insurance coverage. 

Ella Cost Comparison 

Pharmacy Price of Ella Prescription (1 Tablet) 
CVS $41.61
Walgreens $47.01
Rite Aid $47.07
Walmart $41.61
Target $41.61
Duane Reade $47.01
Wegmans $43.49 
Kroger Pharmacy $42.99 

Source: Good RX

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