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How Much Does an Endoscopy Cost Without Insurance in 2024?

Ashley Brooks
Ashley Brooks1 Jan 2024
The Cost of an Endoscopy
Factors that Influence the Cost of an Endoscopy
Endoscopy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Bottom Line

An endoscopy is a procedure done to visually screen and investigate conditions of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Without insurance, this procedure can cost between $1,250 and $4,800. These costs typically cover the fee for the physician performing the endoscopy, the anesthesiologist, and the facility. 

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The Cost of an Endoscopy

The cost of a colonoscopy typically ranges between $1,250 to over $4,800 in the United States with a national average price of an endoscopy being $2,750. Below you can find the average costs compared to national averages and the overall target fair price, which is the believed true value of the service. 

  • National Average: $2,750
  • National Range: $1,250 - $4,800+
  • Target Fair Price: $2,450

The cost of an endoscopy varies greatly depending on where you get this procedure done. In the sections below we outline the price ranges in different cities and at different facilities in the United States. 

The Cost of an Endoscopy by City

Below is a breakdown of the typical cost of endoscopy by the city in the United States. 

Atlanta, GA$975 - $3,200
Chicago, IL$1,100 - $3,500
Dallas, TX$1,000 - $3,300
Houston, TX$1,000 - $3,300
Miami, FL$1,050 - $3,500
Los Angeles, CA$1,500 - $4,900
Philadelphia, PA$1,150 - $3,700
New York, NY$1,200 - $3,900
Washington, DC$1,150 - $3,700
Phoenix, AZ$1,050 - $3,500

The Cost of an Endoscopy By Facility

Endoscopies can be performed in either inpatient or outpatient facilities. Inpatient facilities, such as hospitals, are generally expensive, as costs cover maintenance of the facilities, supplies, and hospital rooms. Endoscopy procedures done at outpatient facilities, such as clinics and other surgical centers are oftentimes less expensive. 

  • Outpatient Facility Average: $2,550
  • Inpatient Facility Average: $4,350
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