COVID-19 Test Differences - PCR, Rapid, and Antibody

Jacqueline Slobin
Jacqueline Slobin23 Apr 2024
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There are currently two main tests for the COVID-19 virus in the United States: diagnostic and antibody tests. 

  • Diagnostic tests detect an active infection with COVID-19 and are either done through a nasal swab or a saliva sample. The two types of diagnostic tests are molecular PCR tests and antigen (rapid) tests.
  • Antibody tests are done through a blood test to detect a previous infection with COVID-19.

The Differences Between a COVID-19 PCR & Antibody Test 

Both PCR and antigen tests are diagnostic tests; therefore, you should get either of these tests if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. According to Harvard Health Publishing, there are a few key differences between the PCR and antigen (rapid) tests. We outline important differences in the table below:

PCR TestAntigen (rapid) Test
Nasal/throat swab or saliva sampleNasal swab
Results can take up to a week Results in less than one hour
Lower chance of false-negative resultsHigher chance of false-negative results 
Works by directly detecting the presence of the virus genetic material (RNA)Directly detects molecules on the surface of the virus

Antigen tests produce results faster, but have a higher chance of yielding false-negative results. Your doctor may want to get a PCR test to confirm a negative test result from an antigen test. 

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