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7 Best Urgent Care Centers in NYC - 2021

Madeline Hlobik
Madeline Hlobik30 Nov 2021

Urgent care centers provide individuals with easy and high-quality access to medical care for times when your primary care provider may be closed. After analyzing different urgent care centers, we have found that the best overall urgent care in NYC is Cure Urgent Care, located in Coney Island, Brooklyn, and costs $115 for a consultation. Below we outline different urgent care centers throughout NYC.

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Best Urgent Care Centers in NYC

Visiting the right urgent care is crucial when you are not feeling well. When deciding which urgent care to go to, you should consider the cost of your visit, average wait time, providers’ bedside manner, and what the urgent care specializes in. Through analyzing these factors, you should be able to find the most suitable urgent care near you.

Based on our research, the best urgent cares in NYC include:

  • Midtown New York Doctors Urgent Care  — Best Overall in NYC
  • Urgent Care at NYU Langone Ambulatory Care West Side — Best for X-rays
  • ProHEALTH Pediatric Urgent Care — Best for Treating Pediatric Patients
  • ModernMD Urgent Care — Best in Brooklyn
  • Northwell Health-Go Urgent Care — Best in Queens
  • Montefiore — Best in the Bronx
  • MedRite Urgent Care — Best in Staten Island

Midtown New York Doctors Urgent Care: Best Overall in NYC

Midtown New York Doctors Urgent Care is the best overall in NYC because of the wide range of medical services they provide, as well as their open availability. The urgent care center is open seven days a week and most holidays. They also accept most major insurance plans. Midtown New York Doctors Urgent Care Center takes patients on a walk-in bases, with no appointment necessary.

There are two locations, one in Murray Hill and one in the West Village. Their Google reviews sit a 4.8 average star rating, with users commenting on their efficiency, accommodating staff, and cleanliness of the facility. 

Urgent Care at NYU Langone Ambulatory Care West Side: Best for X-rays

NYU Langone Ambulatory Care West Side offers same-day urgent care for adults and children age 8 and older. 

They provide treatment for injuries and illnesses that require a doctor’s visit but are not life-threatening emergencies, such as a deep cut in need of stitches, care for cold or flu, sprains and strains, sports injuries, fractures, and burns. They also offer on-site diagnostic testing, including X-rays and blood tests.

In addition to the treatment received on the day of the visit, patients get access to follow-up or speciality care through NYU Langone's full team of healthcare professionals.

Their Google reviews average at 4.3 stars. Lauren N., shared her experience: “Recently had an accident which caused me to injured my ankle and foot. Within 35 minutes I was x-rayed fitted for a boot and out the door. Great location and staff…” 

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ProHEALTH Pediatric Urgent Care: Best for Treating Pediatric Patients

ProHEALTH Pediatric Urgent Care provides the best care for pediatric patients, as this urgent care chain has a specific pediatric care team. They are capable of treating various illnesses and medical problems ranging from rashes to stomach pain and same-day x-rays. Additionally, they accept most health insurance plans and are recognized as being more cost-efficient than an ER visit.

This urgent care accepts both walk-ins and appointments and typically has no wait time, which is beneficial for bringing young children into a medical facility. If you are not able to go into ProHEALTH physically, they also offer virtual appointments. With this versatility in making appointments and a designated pediatric care team, ProHEALTH proves to be a competitive choice for pediatric urgent care.

ModernMD Urgent Care: Best in Brooklyn

ModernMD Urgent Care has locations throughout Brooklyn, including Prospect Park, Brooklyn Heights, and Ridgewood. They offer a wide range of services, including illness and injury treatment, x-rays and testing, pediatrics and more. 

The selfpay rate of $99 is considerably inexpensive when compared to other urgent care centers in NYC, however, additional charges may apply with additional services you receive. Their Google Reviews, with an average of 4.6 stars, mention the facility's cleanliness and the respectfulness and politness of the staff. 

Northwell Health-Go Urgent Care: Best in the Queens Borough

Northwell Health-Go Urgent Care offers a variety of medical services, with an emphasis on women’s health. They accept most health insurance providers; however, if you do not have access to health insurance, the cost for a basic visit is between $125 to $160. They also offer virtual visits for $75.

Unlike other urgent care centers, Northwell Health-Go Urgent Care offers different types of packages. For example, you can pay $225 to $250 for an expanded visit that includes a clinical exam with the addition of either an x-ray, vaccine, or administration of medicine. This urgent care also provides same-day physicals and COVID-19 testings. The vast services they offer and their unique payment plans make Northwell Health-Go Urgent Care an excellent choice.

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Montefiore Medical Group (MMG) Urgent Care: Best in the Bronx Borough

MMG Urgent Care provides quality care for all non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses for patients six months or older. Typical illnesses they treat include allergies, bladder issues, flu symptoms, rashes, sprains, upper respiratory infections, stomach issues, and more. They are open seven days a week from 8 am to 5 pm.

MMG Urgent Care is in-network with a variety of insurance providers. If you do not have access to health insurance, though, you can contact the facility to determine the average cost of your visit. The cost of the visit depends on factors such as services received, duration of visit, and consultation. 

MedRite Urgent Care: Best in the Staten Island Borough

Due to its clean facility, kind staff, and quick wait time, MedRite Urgent Care seems to be the top choice for an urgent care center in the Staten Island Borough. According to Google Reviews, most individuals spend only 20 minutes to an hour at this facility. No appointment is necessary for this facility, and they have extended hours, staying open as late as 10 pm. 

They also accept a variety of health insurance plans and have special discounts for patients who pay out-of-pocket. In terms of medical services, MedRite offers flu shots, lab testings, X-rays, physical exams, and other treatments for non-life-threatening illnesses. 

Although MedRite has various qualities such as short wait times and decent pricing that make it stand out, most patients note about the urgent care in their testimonials that the providers here are incredibly considerate and kind. For these reasons, if you find yourself in need of urgent care in Staten Island, MedRite is your place.

Bottom Line

There are a variety of urgent cares to choose from, especially in New York City. However, after considering different factors, Care Urgent Care has proven to have a combination of the best cost, quality care, and quick wait time, making it the best overall urgent care. If you have specified needs, such as location, a pediatric patient, or specific injury treatment, other options are also available. 

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Madeline Hlobik

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