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400+ Trendy & Easy to Remember Name Ideas for Clothing Boutique

Mira Research Team
Mira Research Team14 Sep 2023

Choosing the right unique clothing store name is crucial as it is the first impression your customers get, reflects your brand identity, and influences the kind of customers you attract. A catchword should be simple, easy to spell, easy to remember, define your offerings, and consider SEO. While brainstorming for catchy clothing boutique name ideas, focus on attributes that reflect your brand, look for inspiration from competition, identify the emotions you intend to excite in clientele, and don't pick anything too limiting. Be open to suggestions and feedback from different people.

How Important Is Your Boutique Name?

The name of your clothing boutique is a fundamental aspect of your brand identity. When customers encounter your business, they form initial perceptions and assumptions based on your name, which impacts their decisions to interact with your business (Boyd, 2020).

The Relationships between Brands & Revenue According to Research

A 2011 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology discovered that shares in companies with easily pronounced names performed better than those with difficult names. This is because simpler names are easier for consumers to process, making them more appealing.

In an Accenture survey, 82% of the companies reported that their brand names were a critical factor in achieving financial success. The main reason is that the name can convey a business's unique selling proposition or differentiation point, making it easier for the company to stand out. In a crowded marketplace, where there are tons of businesses vying for the customers’ attention, uniqueness is critical.

In 2018, Sprout Social conducted a study which showed businesses with clear, descriptive names generated 33% more sales than those with non-descriptive or abstract names. Clarity in a business name helps consumers understand what the business does, hence attracting more customers.

Another research study by Panmore Institute demonstrated that by including location in their business name, local businesses could improve revenue growth by attracting customers looking for location-specific services or products.

The implications of these findings suggest that when starting a business, entrepreneurs should pay particular attention to their business name selection. A business name should be unique, simple, clear, and if possible, location-specific. That way, it can potentially contribute to faster customer recognition, ease of recall and higher revenue growth.

3 Criteria For Identifying Trendy Boutique Names

  1. The primary consideration should be the simplicity of your boutique name. It should be easy to pronounce and easy to spell to avoid customer frustration. Amazon is a textbook example of an easy and memorable name. It led the company to paramount success while companies like "Cadabra" failed due to hard interpretations of the name (NYtimes, 2021).
  2. Your catchword should explain what you offer upfront. For instance, Victoria's Secret gives a good impression about the services they offer without requiring the potential customer to do more research.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also an essential factor. When choosing a name for your boutique, go for highly searched keywords in your target market segment (, 2021).
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Boutique Names Brainstorming

While brainstorming for unique clothing store names, it helps to jot down words that reflect your brand. Researching your competition can also harness inspiration.

The emotion your boutique name elicits is key. Are you trying to evoke a feeling of luxury, comfort, trendiness, or affordability? The name should mirror these sentiments. E.g., "Death’s Door Gin" intentionally elicits a risky emotion, which is in line with their product.

Lastly, be open-minded. Use a broad spectrum of words that cover possible future expansions you might undertake.

What NOT To Do When Naming A New Boutique

1. Avoid generic or common names: Your boutique name should standout from the competition, so avoid generic names like "The Clothing Store" or "Fashion Boutique".

2. Don't use complicated or hard-to-pronounce words: Make sure your boutique name is easy to say and remember. Complicated names may confuse customers and make it difficult for them to share your store with others.

3. Avoid using personal names unless they're distinctive: Using personal names can limit the image of your boutique to a specific personality. Moreover, it won't tell anything about the products you offer or the services you provide.

4. Be careful with trendy terms: Although they may sound cool now, they may not be relevant a decade down the road.

5. Don't pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows: Be mindful of how your business might evolve over time. If you have plans to expand beyond clothing in future, avoid choosing a name that restricts you only to clothing.

6. Avoid using offensive words or slang language: Make sure your boutique's name doesn't offend any group of people based on their race, religion, gender, etc.

7. AVOID ALL CAPS: It can come off as aggressive and is often harder to read.

Name Ideas for Female Boutique Clothing:

1. Chic Treasure
2. Urban Elegance
3. Classic Rose
4. Timeless Threads
5. Bella Boutique
6. Vogue Venue
7. Sapphire Styles
8. Serene Silhouettes
9. Majestic Muse
10. Trendsetters' Throne
11. Venus Verses
12. Graceful Glam
13. Elite Ensemble
14. Couture Corner
15. Desire Diva
16. Lavish Lines 
17. Radiant Runway 
18. Blueberry Blush 
19. Modish Muse 
20. Coral Couture 
21. Fashionable Frills 
22. Mermaid Mystique 
23. Saffron Styles 
24. Velvet Vogue 
25. Femme Finesse  
26. Lavender Lustre 
27. Dainty Designs 
28. Blossom Boutiques 
29. Stylish Sophisticate  
30. Haute Harmony  
31. Amethyst Atrium  
32. Noble Niche  
33.Tidal Trends 
34.Elevate Essence  
35.Mirror Magic   
36.Exquisite Emporium   
37.Jasmine Jewel   
38.Fine Fable   
39.Pearl Petal   
40.Vanity Verve    
41.Whisper Willow   
42.Knitted Knot   
43.Sparkle Splash   
44.Fairy Feather    
45.Marble Moon  
46.Rhapsody Rainbow  
47.Gleaming Glaze   
48.Honeycomb Heaven   
49.Mystic Meadow     
50.Posh Pavilion     
51.Ruby Radiance    
52.Olive Orchid    
53.Vogue Vanity   
54.Elite Essence    
55.Bubble Bloom     
56.Twinkle Trinket      
57.Sparkle Shelf      
58.Lovely Layer     
59.Flirty Frocks     
60.Sassy Silk       
61.Modern Muse     
62.Pretty Peacock         
63.Elegant Empress      
64.Vivid Vogue       
65.Glamour Grove      
66.Unique Uptown        
67.Fashion Fizz         
68.Lush Loft       
69.Beaming Boutique      
70.Dreamy Drape       
71.Joyful Jasmine     
72.Alluring Attire     
73.Blossom Beauty 
74.Silky Symphony 
75.Emerald Essence 
76.Shimmer Shelf 
77.Waistline Wonders 
78.Bold Blossom 
79.Stylish Swan 
80.Serene Swan 
81.Dainty Daisies 
82.Wildflower Wonders 
83.Ladybug Luxuries
84.Modest Meadow
85.Elegant Emporium
86.Violet Velvet
87.Butterfly Boutique
88.Secret Silhouette
89.Floral Fantasy
90.Noble Nook
91.Celestial Closet
92.Boho Blossom
93.Charming Chevrons
94.Retro Rose
95.Modish Meadows
96.Graceful Grove
97.Posh Petals
98.Bohemian Bloom
99.Couture Chic 
100.Rare Rose

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Name ideas for men's boutique 

1. Style Cavalier
2. RetroGent
3. DapperDash
4. Mode Masculine
5. Finesse Fashions
6. Classy Chaps
7. Suave Statures
8. Urbane Outfits
9. Elite Ensembles
10. Modish Mavens 
11. Vogue Valor
12. Refined Ranks 
13. Sartorial Sense  
14. Trendy Tuxedos 
15. Swank Sentinel  
16. Gallant Garments 
17. Textile Titans 
18. Eminent Entourage  
19. Chic Charisma  
20. Dignified Drapes  
21.Men's Marvel 
22.Fashion Formation  
23.Sophisticate Styles 
24.Glamorous Guild  
25.Stylish Sanctum  
26.Uptown Union   
27.Fashion Frontmen    
28.Graceful Gents     
29.Distinguished Dudes   
30.Macho Mode   
31.Couture Comrades   
32.Topnotch Threads    
33.Posh Peers   
34.Natty Neckwear   
35.Luxe League    
36.Suited Sophisticates   
37.Tailored Tribe      
38.Vintage Vanguard     
39.Guy's Glamor      
40.Charm Chateau
41. Classy Collective
42. Aristocrat Attire 
43. Upscale Uomo 
44. Extravagant Emporium 
45. Dashing Domain
46. Gentleman's Gala 
47. Adorned Alpha 
48. Urbane Unity
49. Genial Threads  
50. MetroMogul  
51. Debonair Den  
52. Stellar Styles 
53.DeLuxe Dapper
54.Ravishing Ranger 
55.Swift Styles
56.Legendary Looks
57.Eccentric Ensemble   
58.Stunning Stitches    
59.Vivid Vestige  
60.Fashioned Finesse   
62.Stud Styles  
63.Noble Nattire   
64.Majestic Men's Mart    
65.Gentlemen's Grove   
66.Vogue Villa   
67.Casual Cavalry   
68.Trend Trove  
69.Bespoke Brothers    
70.Dashing Dudes     
71.Glamour Guys      
72.Style Street     
73.InStyle Inside      
74.Tailored Township    
75.Elegance Era    
76.Upscale Urbanity        
77.Charming Chapman     
78.Classic Corner      
79.Fabulous Folio     
80.Suave St

Name Ideas for Luxury Boutique
1. Exclusivé Chic
2. Elitara
3. Eleganza Royale
4. Richeson Mode
5. LuxeHaven
6. Zafferano Creations
7. Svelte Silhouettes 
8. Opaque Opulence 
9. Modalux 
10. Vogue Verve 
11. Couture Cloud 
12. Viva Valentina 
13. Emporio Elite  
14. Lavish Lush 
15. Noble Nova 
16. Grandiose Glamour  
17. Astoria Atelier  
18. Premier Prima  
19. Veau Vogue 
20.Lustrous Layer
21.Ravishing Raiment  
22.Fancy Fantasia  
23.Aurora Attire  
24.Luminary Luxe  
25.Opulent Oasis   
26.Deluxe Drapery   
27.Eclypse Elegance   
28.Nectoria Nouveau   
29.Exquisite Element    
30.Beautique Boutique    
31.Ambrosia Attire    
32.Chic Chiffon    
33.Splendid Stitchery   
34.Fabuleux Fashions     
35.Luxe Loom      
36.Verona Velvet      
37.Prima Paradiso      
38.Kaleidoscope Couture

39. Bellezza Boutique
40. Glamor Galleria
41. Cosmo Couture
42. Dashing Debonair
43. Majestic Muse 
44. Elite Elegance  
45. Prominence Plush  
46. Marquee Maison 
47. Finer Finesse 
48. Graceful Glam 
49.Euphoric Elan     
50.Style Symphony     
51.Thriving Threads    
52.Posh Palais     
53.Seductive Silk       
54.Ritzy Radiance       
55.Magnifico Moda      
56.Royal Regalia      
57.Prestigious Prêt-à-porter   
58.Opulent Outfits     
59.Vivacious Vogue   
60.Gleaming Garments  
61.Supreme Sequins    
62.Brilliant Brocades    
63.Crystal Chic  
64.Amazing Atelier      
65.Luxe Layers   
66.Dazzling Drapes   
67.Fabulous Flair    
68.Adamant Aesthetics  
69.Quintessential Quilt      
70.Persnickety Prada        
71.Lustrous Lotus           
72.Extravagant Eden           
73.Emerald Elegance        
74.Blackberry Boutique         
75.Lavish Lagoon                    

Name Ideas for Kids Boutique

1. Tiny Trendsetters
2. Blossom Threads
3. Dare to Dream Kids
4. Mini Hipsters Boutique
5. Little Fashion Fairytale
6. Whimsical Wardrobe
7. Frolic Frills Boutique 
8. Rainbow Ribbons Kids
9. Kitty Kuddles Couture
10. Delightful Dimples Store
11. Snuggle Bunny Boutique 
12. Bubbly Buttons Kids Wear 
13. Pixie Dust Pretties 
14. Kiddo Kingdom Boutique 
15. Little Star Strutters 
16. Joyful Junior Junction
17. Cuddles & Giggles Shoppe 
18. Mini Modish Mix
19. Pint-Sized Posh Boutique 
20.Candy Cotton Couture
21.Playdate in Paris Designs 
22.Childhood Chic Boutique  
23.Pumpkin Patch Patterns  
24.Frothy Fruits Fiesta  
25.Baby Bird Blend   
26.Butterfly Whispers Kids Wear  
27.Twinkle Toes Trinkets  
28.Adorable Apple Accents   
29.Jellybean Junction Junction  
30.Many Moons Children’s Collection    
31.Doodlebugs Delightwear     
32.Little Dazzlers Den   
33.Munchkin's Magic Closet

34. Petite Pallette
35. Little Lovers Lane
36. Treasure Tots Boutique 
37. Adore Me More Kidswear 
38. Twirl & Giggle Garments
39. Giggles and Grins 
40. Baby Bloom Boutique 
41. Forever Young Fashions
42. Lovely Littles Loft 
43. Marshmallow Munchkins Attire  
44. Little Sunflower Store  
45. Peachy Keen Kids  
46. Sparkle Sprouts Children’s Attire  
47.Rainy Day Sunrays  
48.Baby Bird Wondersocket    
49.Sweet Sapling Styles  
50.Sapphire Sky Children's store
51.Playful Panda Patterns    
52.Cosmic Cub Clothing   
53.Walnut Whippersnapper Wearables    
54.Wee-Ones Wardrobe   
55.Lilypad Luxuries   
56.Starry-Eyed Sprouts   
57.Blueberry Bash Boutique  
58.Bubblegum Bashes & Banquets    
59.Lilac Littles Attire shop       
60.Charming Cherubs Boutique       
61.Sandy Shores Juniors      
62.Bubble Bee Kidswear       
63.Cherish Child Boutique      
64.Minted Miniatures         


1. What should I consider when brainstorming for boutique names?
  - Keep in mind your brand personality, space competition, the emotion you desire to evoke, and not limit your business growth potential.

2. Why should my boutique name be simple and easy?
  - Simple and easy boutique names prevent your clientele from forgetting your boutique or feeling frustrated when spelling or pronouncing the name.

3. How does SEO play a role in boutique naming?
  - A unique clothing store name that considers SEO has a heightened probability of appearing in google searches, improving visibility.

4. Who should I consult when brainstorming for boutique names?
 -  Besides your internal team, you can listen to ideas from other people, including friends, family, and other businesses.


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