Comprehensive Bloodwork Made Easy.

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What's included?

Four essential health panels.

Complete Blood Count

A snapshot of your overall health. Learn more about your white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.


A complete view of your organ functions. This test can identify if you have diabetes, liver, or kidney disease.

Thyroid-stimulating Hormone

Too much or too little TSH production can lead to changes in weight, difficulty sleeping, skin issues and more.


Measure ketones, protein, and glucose in your urine. Helpful in diagnosing UTIs, kidney conditions, and diabetes.

Why should I get it?

Check out everything you can't see.

peace of mind.

Most health panel results come back normal. However, a small percentage come back with abnormal results which trigger further screenings.

Recommended by most primary care providers.

Designed to match the four standard health panels ordered within every annual physical exam.

Develop a record of your health over time.

Every health panel is a snap shot; having routine tests can help you track your health overtime.

How it works?

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Visit the lab at your convenience. They will take a blood and urine sample - then you're off.

Get results in 24-72 hours.

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Simple pricing

One low price that gives you access to all:

$135 Unlimited Access

  • 3-month membership with Mira
  • Unlimited $49 full health panels
  • Unlimited $99 STD tests, $25 Lipid panels, $19 A1c, $35 Vitamin D, $39 Testosterone, $35 Estrogen
  • $25 Virtual primary or urgent care visits
  • $25 Behavioral health counseling
  • $99 In-person care
  • Prescription discounts
  • Dedicated care team
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