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Mira helps you get affordable copays for everyday healthcare, for $25 a month. You can use Mira as a stand-alone benefit or add Mira on top of your high deductible plan!

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Mira is a better health benefit designed for people like you.

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How much does Mira cost?

Without qualifying for Medicaid of federal subsidies, the lowest-cost health insurance plan costs $300+ a month with a whooping $6000+ deductible. Mira is only $25/mo.

Why is Mira so cheap?

Mira covers non-hospital services like preventative, urgent care, mental health, and lab tests - basically everything you need besides surgery. We also negotiate directly with the clinics so there is no middleman. By doing so, we keep it affordable for you and make it simpler for clinics to get paid.

Everything in one single app

Remember the last time to went to a doctor. How hard it was to find one, then paying the bill? Forget that. With Mira, there is one app that has everything, from sign up, to booking a doctor, and paying bills. It's awesome!

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