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Mira helps you access urgent care, lab tests, X-rays, EKG at $99 fixed copay. No insurance needed.

You can also add Mira to your existing high deductible plan.

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Mira is one-stop shop for your healthcare.

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1/20 the monthly cost of health insurance

The average health plan costs up to $500 a month with the first $6,000-8,000 paid 100% out-of-pocket by you.

One simple $99 copay

The average cost of an urgent care visit is $250-400 when paying out-of-pocket. We have a fixed $99 copay that covers 100% of your visit, regardless of reasons.

Find, book, & pay on one platform

Mira has an integrated web app for you to find same-day appointment and pay directly from your mobile phone in less than 30s.

Pre-approved Accredited clinics

Mira partners with the Urgent Care Association to provide the best care at selected accredited clinics staffed with Board-certified medical doctors who passed all quality and certification standards.

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170+ locations in 22 states

and growing...

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The platform will go live on Dec 15th with clinic directory. Leave your email to receive Early Access discounts and perks.

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