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Mira helps you simplify healthcare payment, grow revenue, and stay competitive in the new digital age

What We Do

We simplify healthcare payment and help you spend more time with patients

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We have a global rate that eliminates coding, billing, and related headaches

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We help you reach more patients and grow

With the majority of Americans being short on time demanding pricing transparency. Mira brings more patients in the door faster while making your life easier.

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Zero billing  and no more collection.

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Satisfy the most demanding patients.


Mira simplifies
healthcare payment

An straightforward global payment that helps you eliminate paperwork, reduce overhead, and speed up payment time

Hours saved on paperwork
Overhead reduction
Slash payment time
Patient journey

We automate scheduling and patient education

We see healthcare as a holistic experience. Mira helps you intelligently manage your calendar and educate the patients on expectations as well as basic things like showing up on time and bringing the list of medications.

Intelligent scheduling

Eliminate gaps in your daily schedule

Patient education

Help set expectations for new patients

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"Doctors who are tired of packed schedules and the administrative headaches involved with the insurance model are only too happy to be a part of Mira"

Leaps Magazine

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"For the physicians, it brings in new patients, helps ensure payment and decreases the likelihood of no-shows."

The Washington Business Journal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that providers have about Mira

How do providers get paid?

We reimburse providers using a global rate. The patient pays directly on the platform and we will set up a direct deposit for your clinic. For system-owned clinics, we work with your revenue cycle team to set up a guarantor account. Your revenue cycle team will batch invoice us using a HCPCS code S9083 code per each visit.

What is a global reimbursement rate?

Global rate or case rate (commercial payors), sometimes called flat rate, describes a reimbursement structure in which providers receive a flat rate for every patient visit. Mira has a list of service coverage and strict patient criteria to limit the acuity level.

How much does it cost to sign up?

It is free to sign up. Mira charges a $15-20 service fee per visit to cover our marketing cost. This is not a deduction from your payment but billed separately as a marketing expense to your clinic. To put into perspective, the average cost to acquire a new patient is $50-$60, we help cut that down 3 times. On top of that, there is no billing and no paperwork.

What specialties is Mira looking for?

We currently cover urgent care, primary care, family and internal medicine. However, we are actively seeking specialists in dermatology, cardiology, ophthalmology, OB/GYN, orthopedics, immunology, mental health counseling, psychiatry, and dentistry.

What’s the difference between Mira and ZocDoc?

ZocDoc is an online booking platform catering to insured patients. Mira is a marketplace for self-pay healthcare services, helping patients access affordable care and helping physicians simplify billing and paperwork. ZocDoc charges $300 a month or $32-60 per referral; Mira is free, and we charge $15-20 per visit.

How do I know a patient is coming?

We notify your receptionist by phone. If the schedule is integrated, the process is automated.

What if the patient doesn’t show up or reschedule?

Because we take the payment upfront on the platform, it reduces the chance of the patient not showing up. Life happens, however, so we allow the patient to reschedule same day or up to 24 hours. If the appointment is booked and there is a no-show, you will not be charged the service fee.

Can the patient prefill forms beforehand?

Yes. If you have a link to your online portal, we will send that to the patients beforehand. In the future, you can upload your form to Mira’s portal and have it be automated.

Can I provide telemedicine as a service?

Not yet, but this is something we’re looking into. At Mira, we believe in the high-touch aspect of medicine and we feel reluctant to provide care virtually for all patients.

How do I sign up?

Simply click here. Our team will reach out to you and gather more information to get you set up.